Human Rights Curriculum

Although we are committed to providing our clients with the best available legal resources in the area free of charge, we also value campaigning for our clients outside of the courtroom. This is why HRI has developed the Human Rights Curriculum, a program focused on educating private and public schools as well as groups of people in North Texas about human rights. The Human Rights Curriculum is also free of charge.

The Human Rights Curriculum was designed in 2008, when HRI staff and volunteer attorneys visited multiple high schools to teach students about human rights. Topics discussed include international human rights, human trafficking, refugees and asylum seekers, domestic violence, and genocide. HRI also has a list of articles and videos to complement the topics if needed.

All discussions are led by an HRI staff member or trained HRI Ambassador who has worked with HRI on a VAWA, U-Visa, SIJS or Asylum case. The lecture welcomes and encourages participation from the students, whether it be asking questions at the end or breaking off into small groups to meet and talk with an HRI team member.

If you would like to coordinate a date and time for HRI to present to your class or to come talk to your group about human rights, please contact Layne Faulkner, HRI Volunteer Coordinator.