General Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are an integral part of Human Rights Initiative. Last year volunteers donated roughly 14,000 hours towards legal, translation, fundraising and social services. Each hour contributed helps our clients through the immigration process to ultimately starting new lives in the United States. Our volunteers help in a variety of ways, including:

General Volunteer Opportunities

  • Answering phones (bilingual Spanish/English only)
  • Administrative office work
  • Hosting donation drives
  • Event planning for holiday events and the 5K Run for Human Rights in April

Interpreter or Translator

HRI actively recruits volunteer interpreters and translators to provide written translations and in-person interpretation in English for our clients. HRI utilizes volunteer translators for many languages, including Arabic, French, Hindi, Kinyarwanda, Korean, Nepalese, Spanish, Vietnamese, and more. Volunteer interpreters and translators must read the Interpreter and Translator’s Packet, which contains guidelines for how to complete translations and/or interpret for HRI.

Volunteer Mentoring Program
HRI’s Mentoring Program pairs community volunteers with some of our adult clients. The goals of the mentoring program are:

  • Giving our clients exposure to life outside of their own living situation and exposure to another person who is not involved in their legal case.
  • Helping our clients integrate into our community by building connections to make their transition easier in Texas.
  • Offering the opportunity for volunteers to have a deeper level of involvement with HRI’s work.
  • Encouraging volunteers to become advocates and increase awareness of HRI’s work.

Bilingual English and Spanish, French, or Arabic speakers are currently needed! Each mentor is asked to commit to a six month period, two hours per week. HRI requires that each interested mentor complete the application process, which includes an Application Form and Mentoring Packet, mandatory criminal background check, and training session.

HRI Ambassador Program

HRI Ambassadors are volunteers who advocate for, promote and support the work we do here at Human Rights Initiative. HRI Ambassadors use their voice, their influence, and their network to mobilize the mission and work of HRI.

HRI Ambassadors have been equipped to facilitate Know Your Rights presentations, table outreach events and fairs, and serve as the face the organization. If interested in becoming a HRI Ambassador be sure to join our mailing list to find out when the next training is!

How Do I Sign Up?

Before volunteering each volunteer must complete HRI’s Online Application Form, sign a confidentiality agreement, and complete a criminal background check request. As a nonprofit organization, we ask that if possible you donate $10 to offset the cost of the background check. A check or money order can be included when sending in the volunteer forms, payable to Human Rights Initiative.

After these forms have been filled out (please note that where indicated, actual signatures are required), you may scan and email the forms to the Volunteer Coordinator Layne Faulkner, fax them to 214.855.0793, or mail a hard copy to Human Rights Initiative, Attn: Layne Faulkner, 2801 Swiss Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204.

If you have any further questions about volunteer opportunities, please contact Layne Faulkner.