hndIn 2002, Dana, a Honduran citizen, met and started dating Enrique in Dallas and soon moved in with him, along with her son George. Then, Dana became pregnant with their daughter Mila. Four months into her pregnancy Dana was informed that Mila would be born with gastrochisis, a condition that would affect her intestines, and she had the option of an abortion. Enrique believed a handicapped child would only hinder their lives and an abortion would be the best option. However, Dana believed that Mila was a gift and decided against the abortion.

Throughout her pregnancy Dana was often sick and needed to be hospitalized and each time Enrique would become angry and insult her and the baby. Dana became scared for the lives of herself and her daughter. In July 2004, when she was nine months pregnant, Dana told Enrique she would be stay with her mother after being hospitalized for her blood count and blood pressure. A few days later, Enrique came to her mother’s house intoxicated and demanded Dana return home with him. When she refused he tried to drag her to the car and threatened to take her son if she didn’t go with him. Enrique started shaking her and pushing her into the car, causing Dana to fall. Enrique then took-off alone, almost running over Dana’s son in the process. She immediately called the police, who arrested Enrique and charged him with assault and bodily injury. Due to Dana’s fragile condition and Enrique’s harsh treatment, she began to vomit and labor was induced two weeks early. She gave birth to Mila the next day.

While Dana and Mila were still in the hospital, Enrique was released from jail on bond and left a note in Mila’s hospital bassinet threatening to kill Dana and Mila. The hospital called CPS and Dana moved her family to be closer to the hospital where Mila was still under treatment for her intestinal complications. Dana did everything possible to insure the health of her children. She took 24 hours of training to learn how to care for Mila at home and followed all the procedures to help CPS close her case. She dedicates her whole day to the care of Mila and George. When her parents are available to babysit, Dana goes to work in a factory.

Dana applied for a U-Visa, along with her son, due to her experience as a domestic violence victim and her cooperation with the police in the charging and arrest of Enrique. She needs to stay with her daughter in the U.S. so Mila can receive the proper medical and nutritional care.