Rock Your HeArt Out 2018 Artist+Client


Chosen Storytellers are paired up with a former HRI Client. There is an initial meeting between the two, where the client story is shared and the artist suggests a few ideas as to how the piece may morph. We encourage our client/storyteller pairs to continue to meet throughout the development of the art.

This year the first meeting took place at the HRI offices on Aug. 25th and 26th.

“Then they put this red oil on my forehead and the man started walking towards me. He had a piece of broken glass in his hand. I tried to run but they held me. They had done this to another girl at a ceremony. I remember her screams.”

Peels of laughter, looks of amazement and a few hot tears dotted our initial Artist+Client meeting. Even being on the HRI staff, listening to these cases day after day does not prepare us for the simplest questions and their hardest answers:  What would compel you to leave your home, your relatives, your friends, your country? Why would someone flee from their homeland, leaving behind everything they have ever known? How horrific can things be if you decide that it’s better to trust your child to an inflatable raft than to stay in your country?
Some of us have been granted suitable opportunities and good circumstances to make decisions. At HRI, we support those whose luck has been different: they have been victims of continuous persecution, violence and brutality. Our clients include 11-year-old girls trying to escape from FGM.
We proved 100% free legal and social services to vulnerable immigrants and refugees. Thank you for supporting our mission. Thank you for helping us stand up for Humanity.



Rock Your HeART Out is a Concert & Art auction, benefiting Human Rights Initiative of North Texas. Art inspired by our Clients and Storyteller will be auctioned off at this event. All monies will go towards HRI.

Project Completion Deadline: September 30, 2018
Rock Your HeART Out event: October 27th, 2018

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